Instant Pot Taco Soup

Another Instant Pot recipe! I promise that there will always be a variety of different cooking methods on this blog. But I am currently, loving the Instant Pot. It’s quick, the food tastes way better than the ole slow cooker, and it has so many different uses. Continue reading “Instant Pot Taco Soup”

Bacon Berry Wilted Salad

It’s officially fall which means soups, chili’s and never to early to think of Thanksgiving recipes. Yep, I said it Thanksgiving. It’ll be here before you know it and don’t you want to try a new recipe out for it? I think it’s fun to add a new recipe in with the classics. Bonus if it can be healthier.  Continue reading “Bacon Berry Wilted Salad”

Summer Tomato Salad

Happy Wednesday and hello Summer Tomato Salad! I feel like all the recipes I’m sharing with you and all the recipes I’m thinking about making to share here are all about tomatoes. But tomatoes are in season, and my garden is killing it on the tomato production this year. Continue reading “Summer Tomato Salad”

Deep Thoughts about Natural Disasters & Helping Each Other

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you well. Despite a slew of disasters ravishing our beloved country right now. Harvey has devastated south east Texas and it’s tragic, heartbreaking. Another part of the country is bracing for Irma. And in my little corner of the country the Pacific Northwest, it’s on fire. Both Washington and Oregon are fighting wildfires. One is my forever home state and one is my much loved adopted home state.

Also on fire is Montana which is one of my most favorites places with its captivating beauty, and rugged charm. Honestly, you could ‘meet me in Montana’ any day. I love so much about that great state. California is dealing with major fires of their own. It has been very smoky around here, and all I can think of are the people in the midst of that. It’s so sad. Which doesn’t even describe it but words are superfluous in a time like this, even for a wordsmith like myself.  Continue reading “Deep Thoughts about Natural Disasters & Helping Each Other”