Roasted Tomatoes: How To

Happy Friday! What a week. Am I right? Or was that only me? Feels like it’s been years since the last Friday. And that isn’t normally how I am. I know people that start talking about Friday the minute Monday rolls around. But I don’t, I enjoy my day to day life. Therefore, I try not to wish it away to fast! The world moves fast enough. But this week has felt long. Could be the weather. Continue reading “Roasted Tomatoes: How To”

Holiday Shopping: Gift Ideas for the Cook or the Foodie in Your Life.

Happy Holiday Shopping Season!

It’s crazy how massive the shopping is this time of year, you can literally find ANYTHING. And usually without even leaving your house thanks to the internet. If you are still wondering what to get some fine folks left on your list, may be I can help? Or maybe you’re looking for a hostess gift or holiday party gift. Here are some kitchen gifts perfect for the friend or family member that loves to cook, or the kitchen hoarder, or anyone that wants to have life in the kitchen be easier.

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How to: Dried Apples

We have a new tips and tricks: How To post today. You’ll have to let me know if you like these type of posts.

These dried apples are so easy, and so good. The perfect snack for every day snacking, road trips, lunches or to add to trail mix. I just love them too.

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The Zip Steak Rub

I know, I’ve talked a lot about spices and playing with different blends to keep food interesting. It really does work, and if your hesitant on getting creative, the trick is to find your favorites and slowly add something different one spice at a time. Or swap one spice with another. I talked a lot about spices in this blog post just a couple weeks ago. So I figured I’d put my money where my mouth was and do a spice blend!  Continue reading “The Zip Steak Rub”

Spicing up your Cooking

One of my favorite things is spices. I love to mix and match and create flavors. Sometimes, I stumble upon the best things by just tossing different things together. Don’t be afraid of the array of seasonings in the spice aisle. It’s a gateway to tasting different styles and flavors of food. You can travel the world in your kitchen creating different flavors in your dishes.  Continue reading “Spicing up your Cooking”