March 1, 2017

Perhaps I’m not the best person to encourage others to be healthy. Because I’m not prefect, my background isn’t full of athletic accomplishments, I could be healthier, leaner, stronger, and my education is not in nutrition. Or health and fitness. 

So I don’t expect you to think everything I say is gold. I’m just a imperfect person trying to better myself. Because a truly positive, will lived life has to start with your health. Your health is the center of everything. And your diet and exercise is in control of that.  Your mental, physically, spiritual, and emotional well being is directly tied to your health.

There was a point in my life that having zero energy was normal for me, that needing a nap or caffeine at 3 in the afternoon was okay. That headaches on a regular basis was just my life. That crazy mood swings of high to low throughout the day were normal. I lived on Red Bull and sugar crap.

I discovered that wasn’t normal. That I can function all day at consistently good energy levels without sugar or caffeine (other than one to two cups of coffee in the morning). And it’s pretty awesome to feel good every day. I’m a happier, more motivated, less moody, person because of it. My highs are more often, and my lows are much less frequent.

But I don’t expect to inspire anyone. Everyone is different. Our paths, our journey’s and our pivotal turning points are different for everyone. It may take someone a lot more trails or a major life challenge to get where they are ready to put themselves and their health first. It’s not my job to decide that for anyone. And I don’t judge anyone for their journey or how they got there.

I am an imperfect person, who through nutrition challenges, self led research (lots of research, I’m a inquisitive person), listening to my body, and lots of failures have discovered the path I’m on. I fail a lot. And I have some regular habits that should do less regularly. I am constantly trying to maintain workout routines. But the thing is I haven’t given up. And I won’t. That’s where the real success is. But again I’m no expert. And I shouldn’t be promoting anything because I’m not a perfect example, and I have no credentials to back me up. Just failing, trail and error and my own personal experiences which aren’t going to mean anything to anyone else.

Therefore my blog, which will still feature healthy, flavorful meals will slightly change. I won’t be talking about health. At all. I will talk about cooking tips and tricks, meal and cooking prep hacks, pantry staples and things of that nature within my recipe posts.

I’m just not the best person to teach you about health. Or motivate you. Maybe one day, when I’m not a personal failure on the regular. But as for now, I’ll stick to cooking and recipe development and share that with you. Hopefully, you will enjoy the recipes and find them to be worthy of a place on your family dinner table.

Happy cooking- Maria 

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