Must Have Kitchen Items Vol. 1

Happy Friday! Whoop, whoop and it’s a holiday weekend! Well for some people… not me. I’ll try to forgive you folks that do have a holiday weekend. But jealousy is hard! And I just realized that it is now September. Where did the summer go? Went by in a blur.

As someone who cooks every day out of necessity and joy. I have a several items in my kitchen that I just can’t imagine not having after using them so much. I decide to share some of those for anyone looking for ideas of things to help make their kitchen life easier and more fun!

These few items that I am sharing are not staples. You can live your life without them, but if you cook often or like gadgets then these will totally make things quicker, more fun, and be useful to you. Or if you just like kitchen items, like I do then this is for you too!

Hand Held Citrus Juicer & Zester

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I think I use this hand held citrus juicer everyday. I always have fresh limes, and lemons on hand. And you might have noticed that I use both often in recipes. This squeezer does an awesome job getting all the juice out. I had a ceramic one but I broke it after 8 months or so, and right away knew I needed another one! This is one I got off of Amazon.  It’s really rather affordable, $12.99 with Prime. And for the amount I use it, I’ve gotten my money’s worth. Also, A nice zester that fits in your hand tightly is the perfect companion. This one comes with a shield to put over the microplane metal end, to keep from damaging it or hurting yourself. It is from The Pampered Chef.  You can always use the small side of the grater to zest citrus. I love that this is smaller, more comfortable and does a better job then a grater though.

One Cup Prep Bowls

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Another The Pampered Chef find, these are so handy. They come with a lid, which makes them perfect for making spice blends ahead of time, like I often do. Or dressings or sauces. They store well, pack and go, are microwave safe, oven safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe! There is six in the entire set, for $22.00. I have found similar bowls in Wal Mart but they didn’t have the measurements on the side or a lid. But anything like this makes prepping ahead of time easier. There is also a 2 cup set, and 3 cup set.  The lid is honestly the best part to me, and the fact that they aren’t too big for making small batches of spice blends or taking a dressing/sauce/cut veggies/etc somewhere. Like my lunch box for work, or a dressing for a salad I don’t want to dress until I get there, or dip for veggies at a potluck.

Slotted Spoon 

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I tried to link this but I can’t find the exact one online anywhere. It’s from the Paula Dean Collection at Wal Mart. This is one of the most used cooking utensils in my entire house. If it’s dirty, I’ve washed it by hand to use right then and there. It ranks up there with the favorite rubber spatula. I like the most, that it is metal. It holds up to use, cleans easy, and handles the heat. This is actually a staple item to me, more so then the rest of the items on here, that just makes things easier, it is so versatile and tough. I use it with the majority of my one pot stove top meals, deep frying,  and serving.

My Baking Corner

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Everyone should invest in a reference cookbook. Better Homes and Gardens makes the best. I have two different editions of the book. It is useful for introducing the new cook to methods of how to do anything you will ever need to do. Chopping, stove top cooking, oven cooking, cuts of meat, spices, how to bake, how to freeze, the list goes on and on. And if you aren’t a new cook, it helps remind you of how to do the things you don’t do often, gives you new ideas, provides an at your fingertips reference for meat temperatures you might not always remember, and new ideas. I still refer to mine often, especially for baking or if I’m working with a cut or type of meat, I haven’t cooked with before.

Also a Kitchen Aid mixer,  makes life way easier for baking. I also use it for mash potatoes. Mine is the Classic version, so it is more affordable. A Kitchen Aid is definitely a high end investment. If baking isn’t really your thing, and hand held mixer would do you just fine.

The cookie jar is Charlie. From The Pioneer Woman Cooks Line at Wal Mart. Charlie is extremely popular, and hard to find in stores. He has a special place on my kitchen counter. My Mama bought him for me, after I looked for like 6 months or so for him. So basically, go find a cool cookie jar. It will be a good conversation starter. Keep the cookie jar full of cookies, and your husband will be happy too.

What kind non necessary kitchen items make your life easier? Do you food prep and have items to help with that? Are you a baker with a baking collection? What item can you not live without? What is your favorite one that I shared?  Share your household favorite items with me! I might find something I can’t live without! I’m a kitchen tool hoarder. It’s fun!


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