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Grocery shopping is my favorite. I love finding new things to try. Sometimes they are a winner, sometimes they aren’t but you never know if you don’t try. That’s one of the many fun things about cooking! And these days with online shopping, the possibilities open even farther for you. Just because you live in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you can’t try fun new items!

I have to order a few of my favorite pantry staples. There is a lot of options out there to find whatever your looking for. And the range of choices at the grocery store is always growing too. I always find something new or tempting to try out.

I’m excited to start my Friday Tips and Tricks section with some pantry staples. These are ingredients I always have on hand, and will show up in my recipes quite often. Here we go!

Avocado Oil

cooking 003

Avocado oil is my best friend in the kitchen. It’s actually completely replaced olive oil for me. It’s got a super high smoke point which gives you a wide range of cooking methods and options for its use. Everything from roasting to grilling. It’s a light tasting oil, you really can’t  tell any avocado taste to it. Even if it’s not cooked because I will use it in homemade salad dressings. And non avocado people can’t tell. Avocado oil is easily found in any grocery store these days, and also online. I get this big bottle at Costco.

Pink Salt & Pepper

7.23.16 627

These handy dandy grinders are perfect for finishing touches, or quick shots of flavor. I love salt. It’s my answer to most things. This pink salt is so good too. It’s non processed, and good for you. I won’t get into the whole science of salt but it is a interesting topic, if you want to google it. I also keep fine sea salt, and coarse black pepper on hand in the Costco size containers for when I need more seasoning then a grinder can do. These grinders are next to my stove top, so they are always right there for touch ups.

Coconut Oil

7.23.16 626

Coconut oil is a healthy fat, and is great for everything from cooking to making a face scrub! Extremely versatile. I even mix some in my dogs food about twice a week. It is beneficial to their skin and coat and digestive system. When cooking I use this in many of my stir fry’s. I have used it in baking as well. There is a little coconut flavor though to this oil. Different brands have different levels of coconut flavor to them. So it might take you awhile to find one you like the best. The smoke point is not as high as avocado oil.

Primal Kitchen Mayo

cooking 005

This mayo is the best. I have always loved mayo, but normal mayo is filled with nasty ingredients that you really don’t want to eat. You can make your own, there is a lot of resourceful people out there that have found the best ways to do that. Or you can be lazy like me and buy one that’s equally better for you that is already made! I have to order mine, and I order it from Thrive Market and it is also on Amazon. I have yet to find it in a store where I live. Its worth it though if you want a healthier mayo, and aren’t wanting to make your own.

cooking 006

The awesome folks at Primal Kitchen also have this chipotle lime mayo, that is knock your socks off amazing. I am currently obsessed with this. Try making tuna fish or chicken salad with this. It’s awesome.

Coconut Aminos

cooking 008

I have replaced soy sauce with coconut aminos. Its healthier than soy sauce, and gluten free which traditional soy sauce is not, if that is important to you. I have even found after using this so much that traditional soy sauce is to strong and salty (and I even love salty) for me. I use this the same way, I would soy sauce. Sauces and marinades, mostly.  I have found this in stores and online. Amazon carries the big bottles, but again I order from Thrive Market when I’m making an order.

Let me know what you think of these ingredients, and if you have questions!

I also tend to find this in my kitchen often… cooking 009

Happy cooking! And have a great weekend! I’ll have another recipe post Monday for you.



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