Roasted Balsamic Garlic Brussel Sprouts

It is so unreal to me that summer is almost over! It took forever to get here, and now its leaving and I’m not ready at all! My relationship with summer is pretty serious, I’d say. Anyways, how can you make a Friday better? With a brand new recipe!  Continue reading “Roasted Balsamic Garlic Brussel Sprouts”

Balsamic Carrots

Hey, Hey! Did you all survive Thanksgiving? And all the shopping?? I didn’t partake in any shopping but I did indulge in Thanksgiving. And I’m feeling it. Food hangover, haha. That’s what I get for over eating foods that I really don’t eat that often. But it was worth it. Today I’m drinking lots of water, and thinking I’ll be eating lighter this week. Continue reading “Balsamic Carrots”