Shrimp N’ Zoodles

Holy Hell! It feels like I haven’t blogged and given you all a recipe in 5 years! I missed this. Did you miss me? Probably not, but I’m going to pretend that you did. Because it’s a rainy chilly fall day, and everyone needs a friend sometimes. Even if it’s just a virtual friend.

In my apologies for missing a blog day on Monday, I’m hoping you love this recipe!

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Sweet Potato Hash

You know what has been on my mind lately? People who say that want to be healthy, lose a few pounds, feel better, have more energy etc. But they don’t want to actually change their diets or leave their comfort zone. I’m telling you from experience you will feel better in your body, your mental state and in life in general if you eat better. Your diet directly is related to everything from your overall health to mood. I’m not perfect by any means but in the last year, I’ve constantly been working on that, and I have noticed a huge difference. And it’s a great difference. Little bit of a rant… but there is a good recipe here today! Just stay with me.

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Roasted Apples & Potatoes

Happy Friday! I posted yesterday on the My Rural Kitchen Facebook page, that I would be posting a bonus 3rd recipe this week today. Instead of only 2 recipe posts this week. And Roasted Apples & Potatoes: Won! Only two people voted but hey, that’s a start and I appreciated it. I thought it might be fun, to see what you would be most excited for.  Continue reading “Roasted Apples & Potatoes”

Lemon Roasted Broccoli

It’s Monday. I think that says it all. I have a super simple side dish for you. Because that’s all I can do on this Monday! Normally, I don’t mind Monday’s. It’s really just another day, but today feels a little slow for me. This is recipe is easy enough you can swing it even on the worst Mondays!  Continue reading “Lemon Roasted Broccoli”