Meal Planning & Meal Prepping (even with a richly scheduled life)

Today I was inspired to do this post, so it’s not going to be beautiful and full of pictures. I will expand on this topic throughout the years and as my life changes and evolves, and it’ll be more colorful. But for today, it’s just the facts jack.  Continue reading “Meal Planning & Meal Prepping (even with a richly scheduled life)”

Spicing up your Cooking

One of my favorite things is spices. I love to mix and match and create flavors. Sometimes, I stumble upon the best things by just tossing different things together. Don’t be afraid of the array of seasonings in the spice aisle. It’s a gateway to tasting different styles and flavors of food. You can travel the world in your kitchen creating different flavors in your dishes.  Continue reading “Spicing up your Cooking”