Garlic Ginger Baked Green Beans

Happy Monday folks. I’ve got a green bean recipe that is totally easy to throw together, and is so flavorful it might just be the star of the show during dinner. I love green beans, and like thinking of all the ways I can cook them. Continue reading “Garlic Ginger Baked Green Beans”

Roasted Rainbow Carrots

Hey you guys! I’m hoping to have more than just one recipe for you this week. It’s been hard to keep up, I’m still cooking away but I just haven’t been sharing on here as much as I want to. Real life happenings, but with some organization I think I can get back on track. My goal this week is to be better at that, and keep giving you inspiration. Continue reading “Roasted Rainbow Carrots”

Balsamic Carrots

Hey, Hey! Did you all survive Thanksgiving? And all the shopping?? I didn’t partake in any shopping but I did indulge in Thanksgiving. And I’m feeling it. Food hangover, haha. That’s what I get for over eating foods that I really don’t eat that often. But it was worth it. Today I’m drinking lots of water, and thinking I’ll be eating lighter this week. Continue reading “Balsamic Carrots”

Thanksgiving Double Feature

Happy Monday! Who is excited for a (hopefully for everyone) short work week, family time, food and good times? I sure am. I love Thanksgiving and I love the special recipes that we only make once or twice a year, and rolling out a few new ideas that might even become a tradition. I also like having more than a day or so with my family while we’re visiting. So we can see more people when we are there. That we usually don’t have time too. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Double Feature”