Cheap & Easy Chicken Tacos

Good Morning lovelies!

I’m sharing a favorite with you all, one that I can always do in a pinch because we keep all these ingredients on hand in our house as pantry staples. So even if I haven’t went grocery shopping, I can whip this up after a busy day no problem!  Continue reading “Cheap & Easy Chicken Tacos”

The Zip Steak Rub

I know, I’ve talked a lot about spices and playing with different blends to keep food interesting. It really does work, and if your hesitant on getting creative, the trick is to find your favorites and slowly add something different one spice at a time. Or swap one spice with another. I talked a lot about spices in this blog post just a couple weeks ago. So I figured I’d put my money where my mouth was and do a spice blend!  Continue reading “The Zip Steak Rub”

Game Day Cowboy Salsa

We aren’t big football fans in our house, I know; how UnAmerican! But our fall is just too busy with other hobbies/activities, and events. We are either not home or too busy at home to tune in. Plus, I’m way more of a college football fan than NFL any day! And my husband just doesn’t care either way. But everyone I know loves football. But the one thing that I do love about football season is: football party food! Continue reading “Game Day Cowboy Salsa”

Egg Roll Bowls

Gooooooood Monday Morning! Hope this finds you well, and ready to tackle a new week!

I have an easy week night dinner idea for you. It’s a healthier, and quicker take on egg rolls! My love of egg rolls, but desire for a healthier option is how this little recipe came about. Continue reading “Egg Roll Bowls”